Places We Have Been

Top 5 Pins With Tilt and Bug!

TiltTrek travels to Decatur Illinois and Chicago Expo to interview Troy Smith from Tilt Amusements, and Bug from Spooky Pinball as we explore our top 5 pins.   

District 82 - Home of the Whopper!

We trek up to Green Bay Wisconsin to the world famous District 82 Pinball Arcade. Join on on a tour, and enjoy two great interviews. This episode's interviews are; Erik Thoren the owner and the #1 female player in the world Kassidy Milanowski. 

144 pinball machines -Let's Go!

TiltTrek heads off to Fort Wayne Pinball to check out their 144 pinball machines, and to chat with The Wizard, Mike Burgess and 2019 Indiana State Champion Scott Elliot at the Wizard's World in Fort Wayne Indiana. 

How do you turn new players on to pinball?

We visit Player 1Up in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We interview the Game Manager Brandon  Hipkins and Duane Mitchell and the visor wearing player, as we learn their tricks of the trade to encourage more players into the world of South Carolina Pinball.   

Is It A Store, A free play Arcade, or Tournament hub?  

Why yes it is! 

We visit The Pinball Dudes. We interview the multifaceted store manager Lauren Cugliotta, and player / commentator  Vince Gelormine.  All this while playing at a free play pinball paradise / tournament hub in Jupiter Florida.  

You got to play what?

In Lafayette Indiana we meet with Tommy Skinner at North End Pub and experience some great pinball, a few of the games are so rare there are less than 10 in the country on location.  We had to check them out. 

Three Buildings of pinball

Just north of St Louis Missouri we visit CP Pinball in Roxana Illinois.  CP is the place to visit if you love pinball. Interviews with Chuck Sanderson and Tyler Becker.

Finding Family in the Foothills of the Rockies 

We visit Lyons Classic Pinball, a pinball location in Lyons Colorado.  We meet a Pinball Ambassador, Dee Dee Macin, and talk about the lifesaving qualities of pinball with Austin Redd.   This is a special location, that has developed many a great player including Escher Lefkoff.   


We visit The Arcade, an amazing pinball location in Old Town Wichita Kansas.  We talk tech and history with one of the co-owners, Michael Jensen, and tournament play with Sam Swain.   The Arcade has one of the neatest features we have ever seen, and one we wish every pinball joint had.


We a find an amazing restaurant with an executive chef in the middle of an incredible pinball arcade.  We interview the manager, as well as Andy Bagwell, who is #50 in the world rankings of pinball players.  We even get to be the 1st to publicly announce a few big events.  The Enterrium in Schaumburg, Illinois.  

Will It Play In Peoria?

We visit a freshly minted Stern Army location, Gone Axe Throwing in Peoria Illinois. 

Our Pre Pilot

The Flow Den, Mackinaw, Il, Featuring Glen, Kayla, Dennis, and Colin.  Filmed by Sandy. Sound is poor.