The Host

TiltTrek is a video project brought to you by our host, Glen Hoffmann.  

Glen has been involved in pinball since the beginning of the internet.  Being an avid player, he and his wife would play pinball every Friday night.  The question was, where do you go?  So Glen learned how to code and started Vodkastoli's Central Illinois Pinball Locator page.  After a few years, Jim Greene from Bally Williams stumbled across his page and asked he he could compile a list of all the locator pages like his. Glen did and helped Bally Williams look at what games had the longest runs out in the world.  The data was used to look for new titles while unfortunately, pinball was dying.

The Concept

TiltTrek's goal is to bring back the feel of the early Pinball Locator pages, and give them a modern twist.  Using video blogging (vlogging), TiltTrek visits pinball locals and introduces the viewers to the venues by interviewing those in charge and playing a little pinball with the best from every location.