Our mission is to explore pinball locations, so that you the viewer can boldly go where we have gone before!

Labyrinth -Worth The Hype?

TiltTrek gets a chance to play Barrels Of Fun's 1st game, Labyrinth.  We explore many of the shots, share some experiences with the game, and answer the question, Is it worth the hype?  

Big Bang Bar

TiltTrek takes a quick look at a rare game that has earned it's place in pinball history.  

The Art Of The Big Pinball Deal

TiltTrek explores the ins and outs of making a 31 game pinball deal and the games that come along in such an endeavor.  Filmed at Tilt Amusements. 

Top 5 Pins With Tilt and Bug!  

TiltTrek travels to Decatur Illinois and Chicago Expo to interview Troy Smith from Tilt Amusements, and Bug from Spooky Pinball as we explore our top 5 pins.   

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